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Will harmonised commission from News Corp. cut newsagent revenue in some areas

Mark Fletcher
January 26th, 2019 · 1 Comment

I have heard from plenty of newsagents following my post earlier this week about harmonised commission, which News Corp has announced in some regions is coming.

Every newsagent has the same explanation, that where News Corp has two or more titles on different commission for newsagents, the lower will be the selected harmonised commission for all titles.

Until News makes its announcement, all we have is speculation … and nervousness, concern and, for some, stress.

The company has been walking toward this for two years. I can’t see any reason for it to delay telling newsagents what it plans to do, and why.

If the speculation is right, it will be another example of the company sprouting one view in its papers and another to the small businesses with which it partners.


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  • 1 Dean O'Bree // Jan 26, 2019 at 12:54 PM

    We managed to sell our distibution only business nearly 2 years ago. With declining revenue and margins, increasing costs, and tight cash flow distribution businesses don’t have a long-term future.

    I now own a bookkeeping business, have far better hours, am increasing revenue every month, and I am far happier and less stressed. I work from home most of the time so I have freedom to work my own hours.

    I have a couple of clients with major cashflow problems and my experience has helped me to advise them of how to manage their cash better.

    I even got to take a 2 week holiday last year, and will be going away again this year.


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