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Business guru Mark Bouris: small business retailers will be winners from a retail recession

Mark Fletcher
August 21st, 2019 · No Comments

The opinion piece from Mark Bouris published at over the weekend should encourage small business retailers. It is a reminder of what is unique and valuable about small business retailers, local retailers.

Bouris notes the indicators of a coming retail recession and explains why local small businesses should do well from it. He compares the local shopping experience with online:

But contrast that with the last time you popped into your local butcher, for example. The person behind the counter probably knew your name, knew what you wanted, and was in a position to offer you expert advice on what was fresh, what to buy, and how to cook it. That’s the kind of personalised service that goes a long way to convincing a shopper to part with their hard-earned, and it’s the kind of shopping experience that only small retailers can provide.

And it’s not just butchers, of course. I was walking down Glebe Point Rd in Sydney the other day and spotted bookstores, cycle shops, boutiques and antique stores, all staffed by experts in their field, ready and waiting to assist customers in any way they can. And happily, there were plenty of customers, too.

The mistake I most often see small businesses make is trying to compete with the giants of their industry. But it’s actually what sets you apart from the big boys that makes the difference. And that’s more true now than ever.

This goes back to the three questions I asked last week as they relate to differences small businesses can bring and evolve, to differentiate to big businesses as well as online businesses…


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