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Woolworths and News Corp want people buying newspapers at Woolworths on the weekend

This coupon offers weekend newspapers at a discounted price at Woolworths outlets. The offer is available until March 31, 2020.

I doubt that Woolworths would be funding this promotional offer.

It makes other outlets look expensive. Either the newspaper is worth the cover price printed on it or not. Offering variable pricing based on where it is purchased is unfair.


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  1. Jeff

    Peak trolling Jason. What an idiot.


  2. Graeme Day

    I don’t think as an industry we get it.
    The publishers have given notice that we are and or intend to be Retail only resellers. The Agent bit is in the process of changing and asresellers of newsapaers only we will need a much strong “industry” or collective Chain with a common appeal. “Newsagency” is good fro the transistion however “what is the end game” What do the ne “Newsagencys” present as a concept to the public.
    This has been formed by some and the majority sit -sit and sit and wait…for what?
    Once it’s decided then News and Nine can be approached for Coupon selling for you will have an I.D. recognisable by the community.
    Jason has hit it on the head.gg


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Graeme – FYI, the website URL field is for a web address not an email address.


  4. Mark Fletcher

    I think the message from the publishers for years now has been that retail newsagents are not that important to their over the counter model. I think it does not make sense for us to invest in supporting newspapers in shops as the slim margin, falling sales and inefficiency of newspaper shoppers make their value rapidly diminishing.


  5. Graeme Day

    Thanks Mark for the error I made in posting.
    On the other subject it’s a matter of doing what others are doing in making the product and its enormous foot traffic work for us. This is no difference to what other retailers do. They use the high traffic low margin product to introduce their customers to store presentation of the goods with greater margins. the reatailer should be able to adjust as the product of newspapers diminish by way of increased profits from “new” sales.


  6. Mark Fletcher

    Graeme, it is different for many newsagents, newsagents with businesses built on the five core pillars of the agency model.

    The opportunity for making something of almost nothing is challenging. Take a store selling 50 papers a day, making $13.75 GP and from that covering labour, space and theft.

    Papers are inefficient. close to 80% of paper purchases are papers alone.

    Newsagencies without lotteries are more likely to not carry papers.


  7. Colin

    Why would a retail outlet with no newspapers be classified as a newsagent.


  8. Shayne

    Colin, I guess for the same reason an outlet that sells Sewing machines, 3 man tents, bocce sets and Teddy Bears but often runs out of envelopes and stamps can be classified as a Govt owned Post Office


  9. Colin

    But the post office still sells postage items. Newsagent doesn’t sell news but still a newsagent ?


  10. Graeme Day

    Colin, you are correct in what you say further to that a newsagent is aperson or entity that has a performance contract whether it be retail or Distribution with publishers.
    Once this has been nullified withdrawn or cancelled then one is no longer a newsagent. Even those that continue to sell newspapers are deemed reseller retailers and this be as it may is our near or in Sydney immediate future status.


  11. Peter


    very true


  12. John Rees

    To be operational in the reality of today’s retail world ask yourself why has each state based association not established an online store for its members with correct profit margins on all product, this could have easily been done many years ago. Some marketing groups already have done this. OLD HAND


  13. Walter

    Why in Gods name would you own a newsagency or faux newsagency.


  14. Mark Fletcher

    Walter, plenty are making money. Sure, there are challenges. That is part of the enjoyment for some.


  15. Colin

    Plenty is an interesting phrase. It is defined as an abundance, more than enough. This plenty making money must surely show up in overall sector performance. Providing they are still newsagents.


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