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Recent Covid infections an important reminder to retailers

Mark Fletcher
September 24th, 2020 · No Comments

Recent infections in several states where retail businesses and shopping centres have been named are a timely reminder to all retailers to manage Covid safe businesses. Here is the approach we continue to follow in my own shops:

  1. All staff wear masks with masks available at no cost from the business.
  2. Hand sanitiser for staff at the counter and encouraging its use. Ideally, a sanitiser that does not dry skin.
  3. Hand sanitiser for customers at entrance and at the counter.
  4. Perspex screens remain in place to provide a protective barrier for shoppers and staff.
  5. Regular cleaning of main touch-point surfaces in the shop from the entrance through to deep into the shop.
  6. Thorough clean after close each day including disinfectant surface clean.
  7. Encouraging payment by contactless card.
  8. Maintaining a smooth traffic flow with a designated entrance and designated exit.
  9. Only using government issued signage in-store.
  10. Reminding people through social media about the commitment of the business to safe shopping.
  11. Continuing with the curbside pickup offer.
  12. Continuing with the free local delivery offer for people in need, who cannot easily personally shop.

These steps have helped ensure consistent access to the workforce and good traffic flow from shoppers.


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