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Anti-maskers disrupt small business retail and distress frontline staff

Mark Fletcher
January 5th, 2021 · No Comments

Anti-maskers tend to be loud and rude in retail, on to of being ignorant.

I’ll shop where I want. You can’t make me wear a mask, said the thirty-something shopper who was asked to leave for not wearing a mask. Go fuck yourself loser, they said as they stormed out.

I shouldn’t have to wear a mask, they are uncomfortable, said the sixty or seventy-something shopper. When asked leave, they retorted, this is the last time I shop here. This was in Victoria yesterday, where masks in shops are mandated by law.

It’s a hoax, it’s all a hoax, masks are a joke, they want you to choke. The person shouting this at the entrance to the shop was wearing a bandage as if to hide their identity but not and a mask. They were going from shop to shop shouting this.

Don’t shop here. It’s run by a Nazi who demands we wear masks. Freedom! This is a sign stick on the front window os a small local shop.

Every attack hurts the business and those who work in the business.

During the second wave in Victoria I heard of some attacks. I have heard of many more in the last week, from Sydney and from Melbourne situations.

The worst situations are the attacks at the counter on retail staff. In one of my own shops this happened yesterday. It was loud and nasty. It impacted the team member it was directed at.

Anti-maskers are selfish in my view and either out to cause trouble or they are ignorant.

Masks have been proven to work. They keep us safe and those we are in contact with safe. In retail especially they are critical is reducing the opportunity for infection, and that is key in Melbourne and Sydney right now.

Anti-maskers are making working in retail more stressful right now. The harm they are causing is significant. I suspect this is what they want.

Retailers in shopping centres can call security, but they often arrive too late.

I’d kinda like to spray them with a bright dye that tags them as an ignorant anti-masker, but I know I can’t. Doing so would be irrational and I kinda want to match their irrational approach to masks with an irrational response. At least the dye would not harm them physically.

Here in Victoria in my own shops we have regularly posted positive mask related messages on social media, appreciating the commitment of customers. However, it only takes 1 in 500 to be a dickhead and cause disruption and hurt in the shop for that to be remembered ahead of plenty of good experiences.


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