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Bluey cards a hit at the newsagency counter

We are grateful to have had Bluey cards in-store for a few days now. Customers are loving them.

The brand is instantly recognised. We can tell based on the comments in-store as well as the comments on social media.

The launch of Bluey cards is an excellent opportunity for an off-location pitch of cards. That is, pitching cards away from their usual location in the card department. Because of the Bluey brand, shoppers are more likely to purchase multiple cards at once we think.

Now, if you are wondering why the big deal about Bluey, here is some data this morning from a commercial online search data platform I pay to access. This speaks to the extraordinary popularity of the Bluey brand in Australia, and the world, right now.

Our decision to stock Bluey and engage with the brand online was based on this evidence. Once again, data is a key driver of business decisions.

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  1. Steve

    Looks great and looking forward to our Bluey card range arriving tomorrow. Thoroughly agree with you Mark about the big deal over Bluey merchandise. Bluey has been our hero product for some time now.


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