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Banks really don’t want over the counter business

I went to the bank at 11am Monday for an over the counter transaction onto to discover that they were closed Monday and Tuesday. I went at 11am because they had started closing at 1pm. Now, it seems, closing Mondays and Tuesdays is a thing.

The only reason I go to this brand is because our local branch closed as did the next branch we went to.

Anyway, I got there yesterday, waited in line for 30 minutes only to be told that type of transaction needs to be done in the city. It’s not a complex transaction, but it does require a branch authorisation,  which they, apparently, can no longer do.

At one of my shops, we deposit cash every few days using the cash deposit ATM – when the machine is working. Currently, because we have been keeping records – the ATM has a downtime of more than 50%. When we approach people in they branch they say it’s nothing to do with us.

These are my recent local branch banking experiences. I have heard of worse from plenty of others in local small business retail.

The local bank branch network in Australia was unique, a point of difference for our country. I think it’s now lost forever.

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  1. Bruce H

    Yes, the banking network is rapidly shrinking. Our local bank closed 4 years ago and now, post COVID, the next nearest suburban branch is also closing next month. This means more time and effort away from the business to do banking at a regional location, which is a pain to get to. However, the people I feel most sorry for are elderly locals who have relied on suburban banks for decades – they are too old to use internet and/or machines and just want good old fashioned customer service!!
    The branches get fewer, but the profits and the bonuses never do!!


  2. andy

    Hi Mark
    I sent one of our staff to get change last week but the bank could not give them $200 in $10 notes as there counting machine was not working and they said to come back later
    This type of thing is happening more and more


  3. Jonathan Wilson

    My experience has been that smaller banks tend to be better at customer service than the big 4.


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