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Simple and fun engagement can be the differentiator that works in local small business retail

Within a five minute walk of my office I can reach ten coffee shops. In nine of the shops they pitch their muffins with a product description and price sign while in one they have this fun sign.

They do have a sign saying the flavour but it’s this sign people reference. A couple of people in the office have mentioned it. They love the fun of it.

I love that it stands out as different. It gives me a better understanding of the business and that they are enjoying themselves.

While I will preference a coffee shop for their coffee, if I am thinking about a muffin nearby, it’s this shop that I will think of.

Standing out in retail can be challenging. It doesn’t necessarily take a big bold sign or some grand price gesture to stand out. It could be the smallest of things, like this whimsical sign about a muffin that likes to snooze.

With most of the coffee shops outsourcing their muffin baking, this sign suggests something more local, and that matters in local retail.

Subtle marketing can be noticed more than the big and bold.


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