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Spain’s lottery retailers strike for better margin

Spain’s lottery retailers went on strike last week as part of their campaign to list their commission from 4%. See the story from The Guardian.

The vendors, who had shut up shop for the day, say they deserve more than the 4% of the ticket price they currently get, arguing that 80 cents on a €20 ticket is not enough. They point out that their commission rate has been frozen for the past 17 years despite huge rises in living costs – not least Spain’s skyrocketing electricity prices.

“Prices go up, taxes go up and the commissions remain the same,” Natalia de la Fuente, the daughter of a lottery seller, told Reuters. “We have to pay our bills … This is impossible.”

4%. Sheesh, it makes the arrangements in Australia look good. But, from what I have seen of lottery outlets in Spain compared to Australia, the compliance cost there for retailers is much lower.


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