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5 things every retailer should know about their business but are usually not told by POS software

Yes, I own Tower Systems, the company that serves more newsagents with newsagency software than any other and, yes, this is a video I made to promote Tower Systems. It is also a video that shines a light on sky information that is too often ignores by retailers and POS software companies:

Newsagency management

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  1. Graeme Day

    Excellent points.
    Many years ago I became impressed with an advertisement “this goes with this at Sussans”
    I quoted the Advetisement often and still do, as it is what I had called then “selling associated product” Sussans said it all much more succinctly.
    Great video


  2. Peter

    I am consult with retailers including newsagents offering advice on business management. I agree with everything on this list and I agree these things are all to often ignores. Well done for calling them out Mark.


  3. Graeme Day

    The correct Statement was “This goes with this goes with that at Sussans” it was the outfit plus the different accesssories.


  4. Daniel Leahy

    Great informative video Mark. Everything makes sense – but, I was curious about how a POS can tell you what your missing out on selling? Thk you


  5. Mark Fletcher

    Hi Daniel,

    Good POS software can predict sales based on past performance. Once you lay this over inventory days, the days for which you will have stock based on current stock on hand, you can see possible days without stock, and therefore sales lost.


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