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Customers are loving the green stationery pitch

Our expanding green stationery section toward the front of the newsagency is working a treat. The bright green backing paper draws attention. We will place any product there that is made from sustainably sourced materials.

This simple and easy to make move is a good differentiator for us in the stationery space.

Already we have paper, pens, glue, business books, rubber bands and plenty more. We are grateful to our suppliers for working with us on this.

There is nothing proprietary about what we are doing here. Any newsagent can do it. I recommend it. You only have to visit an Officeworks to realise how important they view the environmentally aware shopper. But, they do it in a corporate way. We in local retail can do it in a more engaged and relevant way I think.

Look, we started small and did it without fanfare, without external marketing. It has evolved and customers have responded. We are very happy with where this is at, the return on space an inventory being achieved.

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  1. Lance

    I’ve noticed over the last few months Vinnies Op Shops are doing something similar with colour coordinated displays at frt of store, although not that same ‘Green’ theme.
    They are certainly eye catching.


  2. Peter

    My local Officeworks does something similar but the staff can’t answer questions when I cheekily ask them.


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