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Five fundamentals of retailing where some newsagents let our channel down: relevance

Mark Fletcher
July 16th, 2014 · No Comments

This week I am calling out five basic areas of retailing where some newsagents make the rest of us look bad. I am writing about these five areas because in the minds of plenty of Australian shoppers all newsagencies are as bad as the worst one they have visited.


Okay so this topic could sound like a snooze. I’d say – ignore it at your peril.

Your business needs to be relevant to your existing customers to the customers you can attract. Your business does not b=need to be relevant to you other than providing a return on your investment.

When I talk about being relevant I mean offering products your customers will buy and in a way that speaks to them and offering products relevant to the shingle under which your business trades. This goes to range, price points and product layout.

What you sell speaks to all others who call their business what you call yours.

It’s hard to get into the minds of your shoppers.  For some newsagents it takes many years. I am reminded almost weekly that I am not my customer.

Beyond what you sell, relevance is pitched in your advertising, social media posts, across the counter conversation and local community engagement.  Your relevance is reflected in your voice in these engagements – by voice I mean how you communicate and that it is understand and embraced by those you are targeting.

The more relevant your business is to those in the area in which you serve the more business you will win.


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