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McDonalds moving into digital content

Big Mac, fries and an MP3?, at CNN.com reports that McDonald’s is hoping music downloads, Internet will help attract hipper, tech-savvy crowd.

“This may become the new customer service catchphrase as McDonald’s hopes to reel in the young and tech-savvy with Blaze Net, which allows customers to buy music mobile-phone ring tones, print digital photographs and surf the Internet, according to a report published Wednesday.

The fast-food chain began pilot testing the new ATM-style device May 16 at its new flagship restaurant near the Oakbrook Center shopping mall in Oak Brook, Ill., the Chicago Tribune said. But a spokesman wouldn’t say how many restaurants will add Blaze Net.”

It’s a wise move by McDonalds, one which should be followed by others facing challenges in reaching younger customers.

The McDonalds move will help push mobile technology further and therefore challenge traditional content (news, information, music and video) supply chain channels.

McDonalds are doing what Australia’s 4,600 newsagents should be doing.


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