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Promoting OzLotto $40 million

Mark Fletcher
April 27th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The LIFE BEGINS AT $40 MILLION banner we have across our entrance is certainly attracting new customers into our newsagency for tickets in the $40 million jackpot. In addition to this we have posters at our counter and elsewhere as well as some enticing syndicate products. We back this at the counter with a reminder of the jackpot. So far we are on track for our self-established sales target.


Secretly, we hope OzLotto does not go off so we can try some of the wild ideas we’ve been thinking about if it jackpots to $50 million. Given that OzLotto is more likely to be won by one person, the jackpot seems to be more real than other lottery games. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Dream. Dressing the shop and our team in crazy Hawaiian outfits, connecting with the dream theme of travel. Backed by appropriate in-store music.
  • Bling. Dressing all the staff in bling from head to toe, really crazy looking. Backed by music including: Luck be A Lady Tonight, Money, Money Money Money, If I Were a Rich Man … and so on.  (Make sure you have paid your APRA fee.)
  • 50 ways to spend 50 million. We’ll ask our customers to vote on the list of ideas we post.
  • Pot of gold. We’ll turn the counter into a pot of gold and have a rainbow pour from the ceiling into the pot.
  • Pass it on. Ways you could use 10% of $50 million to change the world for some people.

Another reason we’d like the jackpot to continue is the flow-on benefit for Mother’s Day card sales. Already over the last few days we have seen an earlier than usual kick and I’d suggest this is, in part, due to the jackpot.

Now if only magazine publishers gave is something to give away to this extra traffic to educate them about magazine we sell.


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  • 1 Jeff // Apr 27, 2008 at 6:24 PM

    Some ideas:
    * Have a list of 50 ways people have spent $50 million?
    * What would staff do with $50 million?
    * Extending on the ‘Bling’ idea – have jewelery on female staff, have tech stuff, etc?


  • 2 Dean // Apr 29, 2008 at 10:55 AM

    Can I put in a vote for the dumbest advertising for the $40m jackpot tonight.

    I was driving past a nearby Tatts outlet at 9am this morning.

    On their front window they are advertising $6m Powerball. On the wall behind their counter they are advertising $6m Powerball and the $20k Keno promotion.

    On their street sign they advertising Keno again.

    While I am no marketing genius, I would have thought it preferable to advertise the $40m jackpot tonight in, rather than last week’s $6m Powerball jackpot.


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