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If traffic slows for your newsagency between Christmas and the New Year – 8 tips for attracting shoppers

Mark Fletcher
December 28th, 2015 · No Comments

If these days between christmas and New Year are quite and if you have not planned anything to kick start sales, here are eight tips that require little planning that you could use right away:

  1. Reset. Use the lower traffic opportunity to make considerable changes in the business for you and for your customers.
  2. Market stall sale. Clear from the front door in as far as you can go. Setup trestle tables. create a market stall feel with products on the tables from the back of the shop that people would not usually see.
  3. Do a magazine relay. This is the single easiest way to increase magazine sales.
  4. Run a card sale. For every card someone buys, offer them a Thank You card at 30% off or more. Post Christmas is a perfect time for people to send Thank You cards.
  5. Reconfigure your messages. Stand out the front of the business and change the messages that people see as they walk past. Go for something completely different. i.e. no magazine posters, no newspaper posters. Tell a completely different story.
  6. Promote something unique on Facebook. Something people will travel for. Boost the post. Have some fun. Use the post or posts, to redefine how people think about your business.
  7. Put up a road block. Think about the most common product or service people purchase from you that they purchase nothing else with. As there will be no reps checking up on you – put up a massive road block so these destination shoppers are confronted by something else likely to appeal to them.
  8. Don’t be average. Ask your staff what average looks like and what they think you could do in the business to not be average. Get them to challenge you.

Don’t be bound by these seven suggestions. Challenge yourself. Do something.

It is easy to do nothing and say these days are quiet. Make it not so. Make your own noise. Have some fun. Change your business.


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