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Selling magazine subscriptions in the newsagency

IMG_1729WH Smith stores in the UK sell magazine subscriptions like this now. Years ago, they were in a box on a spinner. Now, they are placed with gift cards, taking up less space and better located in-store. That they still offer subscriptions today suggests there is money in it for them. There have been several goes at newsagents selling magazine subscriptions like this in-store in Australia over the years. None has worked I think because it has not been more than one or two titles.

Magazine subscriptions

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  1. Steve

    Seems a backward step for a retailer of magazines to sell subscriptions. May as well start running instore tutorials on how to purchase Lottoland with your mobile phone.


  2. Colin

    So … the dominant outlet chain, that controls over 50% of the market, that charges for shelf space, is prepared to undermine its own sales by selling subscriptions. Tells you one thing. The end is nigh, forget the medium and long term, just feast on the very short term and hang the consequences.

    Deathroes of magazine retailing. Massive change in UK may be very close. It will be a lesson for Australia. Hold on to your hats.


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