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Being completely free of plastic bags

Mark Fletcher
July 2nd, 2018 · 1 Comment

We made the decision to not use plastic bags of any sort for customers and, so far, the reaction has been good. I think this is due to several major retailers investing in educating shoppers about their similar moves.

Our pitch is in-store at the counter, on the front window and in our social media feeds. The only challenge has been with some newspaper shoppers and for them it is usually about newsprint more so that carrying convenience.

By eliminating the plastic bags, even those that are degradable, altogether, we eliminate the frustration for people who would complain if we say no to a bag for a newspaper. It proved an easier to implement and explain mode, one that is good for the environment too.

By explaining our reasoning and doing so without being too preachy it has gone okay for us.

I think we are a moment in time opportunity eight not to make such a move. If you think you might reach the point of offering  NO plastic bags sometime in the next year, I suggest doing it now, right when the two major supermarkets are making the same move. It could be easier to fo this now than to do it later this year.

We continue to offer paper bags and a range of bags with handles for gifts and other items bigger than cards or magazines.


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  • 1 Steve // Jul 9, 2018 at 10:07 AM

    It would be nice to be 100% plastic bag free and so many businesses are doing their bit.

    Then you get some F**k-Wit at Bauer media who decides to wrap the August issue of Take 5 monthly in plastic for no effing reason.

    Why would you do something like that in the very month most of Australia started a plastic bag ban?


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