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Is the Kikki-k card pitch good value?

Mark Fletcher
October 30th, 2018 · 1 Comment

While Kikki-k has always priced cards to appear to offer a discount, the buy 3 get 4 pitch feels new. I can’t recall seeing it before.

Of course, since they make what they sell, it is easy for them to pitch, especially so for the low cost product.

As as informed shopper, these cards are not cheap. However, I suspect most shoppers would not see it that way, they would see the p[itch as a good deal.

In my opinion, Kikki-k is like Typo, expensive, even when they do deals and run sales, very expensive for the quality of the products. That aside, they make a successful pitch, especially in the card space. Their approach at perpetual basket depth chasing offers is like what we see from the major magazine companies, especially at transit locations.

I suspect we will see more of this pricing model in our channel, too, as we deal with these nationally run competitors.


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  • 1 Colin // Oct 30, 2018 at 8:17 AM

    As a tongue in cheek joke, 2 years back I tried to buy my wife a small set of stationery from a gold range in Kikki-k. All on display but no stock so came away with only stapler. The product had no quality, it looked good but couldn’t staple 3 sheets of paper. I took it back to exchange but ended getting refund as they had no replacement. The staff were not remotely interested. Odd given I had 2 attempts to spend in the store.

    The store closed earlier this year. No surprise. As you say, overpriced for the quality.


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