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News Corp’s Coles Little Shop Mini campaign is a mess and hurts for small business newsagents

Mark Fletcher
December 10th, 2018 · No Comments

What a messy weekend for for newsagents because of the News Corp. promoted Coles Little Shop Mini campaign. The company aggressively promoted the free offer one the front of the paper, the paper sold in newsagencies.

FREE TODAY. WITH THE PAPER. The pitch on the front page of the Sunday Herald Sun is clear. However, it was not free with the paper, not in newsagencies. No, we had to tell shoppers they needed to go to Coles to buy then paper to get the free Little Shop Mini. How ridiculous. News Corp. sold newsagents out.

This is another example of the giant News Corp. siding with its mate the giant Coles Corporation, to the detriment of small business newsagents.

Customers at newsagency counters were angry yesterday and Saturday. Plenty wanted to argue about it from what I am told. This disrupted the shop and impacted negatively on the business.

Yet, newsagents we’re innocent. Telling people to the fine print inside the newspaper did not help.

Here is the detail of the offer inside the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday. The fine print is really fine and that made people angrier. Just give me my F&*$ing little shop thing you moron one customer said to the newsagency sales assistant. No one should have to put up with this anger. And, we would not have to put up with it if News Corp. did a better job executing the campaign. They did not. They failed us. They failed small business. All to benefit a big business mate in Coles.

Take a look at the fine print from yesterday’s Sunday Herald Sun…

Burying this as they did, News Corp. setup trouble for newsagents and other non Coles retailers.

What a mess.

Those responsible at News Corp. owe newsagents an apology for the harm done, the hurt caused and the disrespect shown.

Now, a note to newsagency suppliers who also supply Coles – what has happened here plays into how newsagents feel about your engagement with the supermarket giant and other giants. For here we have a long-term newsagency supplier, one we launched distribution for in this country acting in ways that hurt our businesses and our brand in our local communities. How we feel about this plays into how we feel about your involvement with Coles and similar.

One newsagent told me yesterday that this campaign will bring forward their decision to cut newspapers from their shop as they are sick of the lack of control over the impact this mediocre margin product has on their business.


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