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AGHA cancels Sydney Feb. Gift Fair

This move makes sense given recent developments. watch for an announcement from Reed.

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  1. Colin

    Entirely predictable. We talked with our main suppliers, most could not confirm they were attending the Sydney Fair.

    August in Melbourne will go the same way as plenty of suppliers will not commit. Which will mean it will be a 2 year gap since Sydney 2019.

    The world has moved on. I doubt these Fairs will ever regain their spots in the calendar.


  2. Mark Richardson

    The Gift Fairs will come back


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Many suppliers have pivoted to live, recorded and VR events. Several I have spoken with are surprised that they have seen sales increase without the cost of trade shows. I am not so sure they will come back. I expect trade shows to continue, but I suspect they will evolve.


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