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Customers say the funniest things …

newsXpress stores were offered access to two limited mintage coins celebrating the Queen’s 95th birthday. The available allocation was taken up quickly. Then, a few days ago, the coin was withdrawn. It never left the mint, not only for newsXpress but for all retailers. We don’t know why. But, we had to communicate its unavailability to retail customers, coin collector customers.

Here is a terrific story from one newsXpress member and their interaction with a customer …

Was talking to one of our regular coin collectors today when the subject of the Queen’s coin recall came up. Innocently I said ”I wonder why”. Well, you hear it hear first folks – ”It’s because the Queen has been dead for 10 months!” AND he also informed me that Prince Philip has been dead for 5 months (that one I couldn’t dispute because he looked like death warmed up for quite some time). But it all has to do with the economy you see. I did not hear much more of what he said because all I could think of was ‘A Weekend at Bernie’s’. You’ve gotta love retail 😂

I agree, you’ve gotta love retail!


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