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How the newsXpress newsagency marketing group is helping newsagents transform in 2021

Yes, to some this will read like a marketing pitch. They would be right, in part. But, it is more than that. I share this information here to show that there are newsagents doing well, transforming their business, leveraging intellectual property top grow profitability, and through that, business value.

This is the story in 2021 about our channel, the extent to which newsagency businesses are thriving. I can speak to the newsXpress experience because of my direct involvement.

See for yourself. Click here to access a new 49 page book published outlining in detail what newsXpress offers.

Already in 2021, newsXpress has delivered valuable and exclusive benefits:

  1. A data driven greeting card strategy that has delivered 25% and more year on year card sales growth to retailers who have engaged.
  2. A bonus 5% gross profit from more than 50 preferred suppliers – real bottom line benefit. Funded 100% by newsXpress. For all orders from April through June 2021.
  3. A new marketing video service delivering personalised videos for your business, which you can use on social media.
  4. 100+ new social media posts ready to use to freshen your social media feed.
  5. Ten new product supplier videos shot exclusively for newsXpress members, sharing insights into how to find and sell to new customers.
  6. New suppliers offering access to new traffic generating products usually not available to newsagents.
  7. A lower monthly membership fee.
  8. Half price Shopify website. Provding access to a beautiful, personalised, business website for your business connected to the Tower POS software.
  9. First to market insights for toys, helping our members better tap into this lucrative product category.
  10. A creative writing competition attracted plenty of entries and helped people see newsagencies differently. We funded the $2,000 in prizes.
  11. A Mother’s Day art competition is already attracting wonderful entries.

Best of all is the optimism for a bright future these and other developments nurture.

Footnote: I am a Director of newsXpress Pty Ltd

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