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People are loving this Easter collateral on social media

Mark Fletcher on March 28, 2021 1:23 PM


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A warning to newsagents considering deleting business data prior to settlement when selling the business

Mark Fletcher on March 27, 2021 6:59 AM

It concerns me when I hear of a newsagent wanting to delete data from their computer system prior to settlement, prior to a new owner taking over the business.

In one instance recently, everything was deleted except for bare bones stock information. All sales history, supplier details and more was obliterated, everything a new owner would need to make good business decisions.

It’s a key point I make to prospective new owners. I suggest they have it written into the purchase contract that business data is not to be deleted without their written permission, and that as part of due diligence, yes that is a thing in buying any business, they scrutinise the data available and ensure it is what they expect and need.

I can’t think of any reason to delete data from the POS software prior to the sale of a business. I appreciate that for some in our channel this is not a popular view. However, I am looking it in terms of the future and not in terms of protecting a newsagent who is selling.

Imagine taking over a business on an agreed set of performance numbers, being in there a few months and needing to compare how you are going and realising that the data you need for the comparison has been deleted. If this happened to me I’d wonder why, I’d wonder what the deletion of data was hiding. This is why I recommend that requirements as to data are covered in any purchase agreement.


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Victorian newsagent awarded $399,405.68 by VCAT in matter against landlord

Mark Fletcher on March 26, 2021 7:35 AM

Orders issued Wednesday by VCAT in a matter between the proprietors of Elsternwick Newsagency and their landlord were in favour of the owners of the newsagency:

Having regard to the findings set out above the Tribunal finds in favour of the Applicant and will order the Respondent to pay compensation in the sum of $399,405.68.

It is worth reading the full details published on the matter as they speak to the value of good record keeping and clear and concise communication.

While the orders could be overturned on appeal, the VCAT orders are a key next step in resolution of a complex and expensive matter.

I know of newsagents in dispute with their landlord but are unwilling to commence any proceedings. I think some landlords prey on this reluctance for a legal fight. Forums such as VCAT make it easier for small business retailers to commence action and have a matter considered and resolved for a lower cost in legal fees. Of course, they will rack up if the matter is appealed.


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US landlords claiming online sales as in-store revenue for rent calculation

Mark Fletcher on March 26, 2021 6:46 AM

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that some US landlords are demanding retailers report online sales as part of store revenue.

Retailers and Landlords Clash Over What Counts as a Sale
Rents based on percentage of sales leave room for interpretation as line between online and store sales blurs

Stores are reopening and customers are streaming back in, which means retailers that withheld rent during Covid-19 shutdowns are now able to pay. But first they have to agree with their landlords on how to define a sale.

Landlords are increasingly offering deals in which retailers pay a percentage of their monthly sales in rent, rather than a fixed amount. Percentage-rent leases give retailers breathing room when sales decline and allow landlords to reap the upside when sales recover.

But there is a sticking point. With e-commerce soaring, some landlords want to include a portion of online sales in the new leases, arguing that physical stores play an important role in many of these transactions. Retailers are pushing back, according to landlords, real-estate brokers and retail executives.

If this does happen it will only lead to more retailers exit9ing shopping malls. Malls are struggling as it is to attract retailers because shoppers are remaining sticky with high street retail they engaged with during lockdowns.

But, hey, we know what major shopping centre landlords are like. Yeah … awful. Look at Westfield, long into a lease they decide to charge a fee to access the post box located in a non public area of the centre that you have had free access to for years. And they wonder why retailers are exiting.


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Take care when comparing year on year performance for your newsagency business

Mark Fletcher on March 25, 2021 6:43 AM

To gauge the performance of your business this year, I suggest you not compare with 2020. Instead, compare with 2019.

2020 was an odd year for sure. While many newsagents experienced strong revenue growth in 2020, it was an odd year, one not to compare this year with in terms of assessing where your business is at today.

Having looked at data for a bunch of stores already, I think comparing 2021 with 2019 is a reasonable step. It will provide a better and more useful comparative perspective than comparing 20201 with 2020 in many situations. While the 2020 comparison is not bad, using 2019 as the comparison base provides more useful insight.


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AFL record pitching newsagents on social media

Mark Fletcher on March 24, 2021 4:57 PM


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UK supermarket moves on plastic toys bagged with kids magazines

Mark Fletcher on March 24, 2021 6:42 AM

The Waitrose supermarket group in the UK is removing kids magazines that come with small plastic toys following a campaign by a 10 year old.

The story is getting good coverage in the UK, leading me to wonder if it will gain traction here. This, from Country Living:

Waitrose bans magazines with plastic toys, thanks to 10-year-old girl
The “pointless plastic” has finally been called out

MAR 23, 2021

Waitrose will no longer sell children’s magazines containing disposable plastic toys, after a 10-year-old girl from Gwynedd launched her own campaign to persuade publishers to ban them.

Over the next eight weeks, the British supermarket will begin removing magazines containing toys from its shelves, explaining that they are “pointless plastic” with a short lifespan. The ban will only remove those containing small plastic toys, but will not include educational or reusable craft items, such as colouring pens and pencils.

Skye, who has been encouraging the magazine industry to include eco-friendly alternatives, told the BBC: “I’m really pleased so many people have agreed with me and supported my petition – I want to thank everyone who has signed and shared my campaign to ban plastics from comics and magazines. Thank you to Waitrose for agreeing with us and no longer selling the unwanted plastic tat.”

Here is the Waitrose tweet about their decision.

Here are other news tweets about this story:

It will be interesting to see whether this campaign gains traction in Australia, whether supermarkets act and whether publishers respond and address the disposable small plastic toy issue.


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Are Media / Australian Geographic campaign preferences Woolworths over local small business newsagents

Mark Fletcher on March 23, 2021 6:53 AM

Are Media has launched a campaign that preferences Woolworths over newsagents. What is utterly stupid about this is that newsagents have access to a broad range of Australian geographic products that they could promote with this campaign to make it more successful and valuable than Woolworths is doing. B&T has an image of the in-store execution.

Yes, it’s a floor display unit setup by a visual merchandiser with little or no QWWoolworths engagement.

Had Are Media and National geographic done their research and partnered with newsagents, the display would have been better integrated with the business, better connected with those working in the business.

Yes, this is a stupid decision and those responsible should have been able to make a better decision, for all stakeholders involved. This quote from sally Eagle is particularly galling:

Sally Eagle, customer director at Are Media said: “As category leader, it is incumbent on us to support other magazine publishers and the entire magazine category, particularly Australian made magazines and of course the retailers which are so vital to our collective success in connecting our brands with audiences across the country. We’re delighted to be working with Australian Geographic and Woolworths on the first of planned partnerships with other publishers and retailers.”

Sally – you are not supporting the entire magazine category with this single retailer focussed promotion. No, you are seeking to attract magazine shoppers from newsagencies, the retailers with the best magazine range in the country, and land them in Woolworths, a retailer that cares little for the medium and probably only engages when you pay them in one way or another extra to do so.

With the awesome Australian Geographic products that we already stock and our deeper engagement with that brand, we are a natural fit for this promotion.

I’d love to know how the dollars flowed to make this a Woolworths promotion. Which businesses paid for what. For example, is Woolworths paid for the floorspace? Newsagents place displays like this for free? Are Woolworths staff trained? In my experience, not beyond the very basics? Does the campaign help grow the Australian geographic brand engagement? Unlikely with no branded allied product available in Woolworths – or if it is, it is not located with this floor unit.

Underlying this Woolworths, Are Media and Australian Geographic is a desire to attract magazine shoppers to Woolworths. Thanks for that to all involved.

Yes, this is frustrating. In real terms, newsagents make less out of magazines today than a few years ago. That a key supplier ignores them for good promotions, like this one, challenges one’s support for the category.

To the ex newsagents preparing to comment that nothing has changed: Yes, you are right, good for you. Some newsagents have responded by quitting the category. For others, the foot traffic and GP$ are too much to ignore.

To anyone at Are Media preparing to say newsagents are important, we respect the channel: Words are meaningless when not backed by action.


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Newsagent rewarded for taking charge with card sales growth of 50% year on year

Mark Fletcher on March 22, 2021 6:51 AM

A newsagent I know took control of their card sales last year, keen to grow the already substantial card revenue further.

By took control I mean that they made every purchase decision, reducing their reliance on their card company account managers. Through this process, they expanded suppliers, reduced card space by 10% and expanded locations in the store where shoppers were presented card options.

The capital investment after the changes was lower than it had been. This makes the saves growth of 50% ever more sweet.

Here’s the point I want to make … newsagents love to complain about card companies. Few want to take control themselves. It’s like they don’t want to lose the right to complain.

I can’t recall ever seeing a situation where a newsagent has invested more time in managing their cards and made less money as a result. By actively managing your cards you are certain to make more money.


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Readly magazine subscription platform launches articles option

Mark Fletcher on March 21, 2021 9:41 AM

Readly, a magazine subscription platform, has launched articles, an option for accessing content at the article level rather than the masthead level.

Disconnecting access from a masthead subscription is further disruption to print media platforms.

Readly costs $9.99 a month. This provides access to a ton of titles, including:


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Coles out early with Mother’s Day

Mark Fletcher on March 20, 2021 7:12 AM

Coles Supermarkets have allocated some space on their Easter card display for Mother’s Day cards in an interesting move. The photo is from my local Coles store from a week ago.

I suspect Coles buyers sought the inclusion of Mothers Day cards to try and drive return on floorspace for the floor fixture – since easter can be a soft season.


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Target US approach to head office staffing reflects a fundamental change on how office based businesses operate

Mark Fletcher on March 19, 2021 6:15 AM

The announcement by US retailer Target last week re it giving up one third of the office space it leases in Minneapolis for its corporate headquarters. The move represents a long-term shift by a large employer to fundamentally change work arrangements for a sizeable portion of its workforce, around 3,000 people.

The Minneapolis StarTribune has the story.

Just how different the post-pandemic world of work will look came into greater focus on Thursday when Target Corp. announced that it will move out of City Center, a major downsizing that will reduce its office space in downtown Minneapolis by a third.

Target, the largest employer downtown, said it no longer needs the nearly 1 million square feet it occupies in that skyscraper as it plans for a hybrid future in which workers will combine remote and on-site work. It made the decision even with 10 more years left on its lease.

The company’s exit from City Center will leave a gaping hole, since it takes up about two-thirds of the 51-story tower. All of Target’s offices have been mostly empty in the past year as the company, like many, sent employees home to slow the spread of COVID-19. About 3,500 of Target’s 8,500 downtown Minneapolis employees worked in City Center before the pandemic.

Be sure to read the whole article.

This story supports what I have been saying since mid 2020. I don’t think office businesses will snap back to the way they were. I don’t think CBDs will have the focus they used to have. The world has changed.

I know Minneapolis well and lived there for a time 20 years ago. It is very much like Melbourne. The decision by Target is a loss for the city and a win for surrounding regions, especially smaller towns.

In my own software company, none of the two thirds of team members who started working from home during the pandemic will return to the office. We are not alone.

These changes benefit you.

Think about what you stock as your inventory mix is key to determining who shops your shop. Think about how you can pitch your business in this changed situation. I know of some newsagents who are well established in catering to this change, which is terrific news!


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Murdochs and Tabcorp?

Mark Fletcher on March 18, 2021 3:59 PM

There was an interesting story in the Nine Media papers yesterday:

Lachlan Murdoch’s Fox Corp circles Tabcorp
The Murdoch family’s US media business Fox Corporation has been working with other investors on a potential bid for parts of ASX-listed gaming operator Tabcorp.

The Los Angeles based company, which is run by billionaire media scion Lachlan Murdoch, has also registered a trademark for its betting arm FOXBet in Australia, in a sign the company is considering an assault on the local wagering industry.


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And, speaking of Easter

Mark Fletcher on March 18, 2021 8:11 AM

Currently, there are 27,000 daily Google searches in Australia for Easter gifts and similar keywords. While it is too late for this year, newsagents selling online can do better in this season by tuning their online offer the be more seasonal.

Many of us have Easter gifts. Too few of us are pitching them online. None of us are in the top 100 results.

The Google searches indicate there are many on line ready to purchase. This is another example of how we can reach our local businesses beyond those who walk, ride and drive past our front door.

Online is where we have excellent opportunities for growing our businesses.


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Full face Easter card pitch is working well

Mark Fletcher on March 18, 2021 6:49 AM

We launched Easter with in our high street business a month ago with this full-face pitch. It’s worked a treat, delivering strong sales.

Shoppers like to see the full front of each card. This has led to less touching, less stock damage. It has helped maintain an organised display.

The placement, just inside the front door, is encouraging engagement from some who many not have purchased an easter card or who may have purchased later in the season, and elsewhere.

While I don’t have proof, my feeling is that the tactical placement of this full face display is a key factor in Easter success already. We’re ahead on 2020, of course, and 2019, which was the goal … and we ten days out.


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Centenary of Rotary coin a sales and community engagement hit

Mark Fletcher on March 17, 2021 6:59 AM

The Centenary of Rotary in Australia 2021 $1 Coloured Uncirculated Coin is a hit. Indeed, it is a sell out to the point that supply has fallen well short of demand, which is a good thing. It’s proving to be a terrific success. We managed limited supply by limiting how many each customer could purchase.

From The Royal Australian Mint, the coin has a mintage of 40,000 and is available in a limited mix of retailers.

What I like about this coin and other special interest coins from the Mint is that each launch introduces new collectors and they can be valuable customers to find.

The mint coin category can be worth $20,000 and more in a newsagency with capital investment in space and inventory modest. The key is social media engagement as that is how you find new shoppers.


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Has Tabcorp been updating Google Maps entries?

Mark Fletcher on March 16, 2021 6:55 AM

Maybe Tabcorp, maybe another party, has been updating lottery retailer details in Google Maps, indicating TheLott as the business name and products sold, but including, often the newsagent phone number and open ing hours.

Here is one example of this, which I chose at random from many examples available:

I first heard about this happening from a newsagent who happened to be checking out their own Google listing. The found a TheLott listing instead.

Something is going on and I am not sure what.

My advice: search for your business in Google and check what comes up in the general search and in maps. You can change it by claiming ownership of the listing.


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Washington Post ad campaign in Australia

Mark Fletcher on March 15, 2021 6:16 AM

A$40 for a year long subscription is cheap by newspaper of record standards. These ads for The Washington Post are coming up regularly on social media in Australia.

Here’s the pricing for Guardian Australia:

And, here’s the pricing for The Age:


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newsXpress newsagency themed creative writing competition winners

Mark Fletcher on March 13, 2021 7:47 AM

Last year, newsXpress ran a creative writing competition, overing two prizes of $1,000 each. Entrants could write in any form – short story, lyrics, poetry. The responses were terrific. The winners were announced last month.

I share the stories here to shine a light on this left-field and creative marketing from newsXpress and to show there are many ways we can engage with our channel and the role our sores play in local Australian communities.

Here is the winner for the under 17 category:

THE BACK DOOR. by Jayda Tram

Allison paced around the store, running her hand along the soft fur of the teddy bears, the glossy texture of the magazines, the thick wood of the shelves, and breathed in the strong newspaper scent. Kelly, her best friend, walked closely behind her, picking out pens and other knickknacks for herself. The newsXpress newsagency had just opened, and the two had decided to come and pay a visit, not exactly expecting it to be as enticing as it was. 

“Allison, how much longer are we going to spend here?” Kelly frowned beneath her thick black bangs. 

Allison pretended not to hear her the first time, but after a hard nudge she turned quickly and replied. 

“Just wait, the shop is about to close soon anyways.” 

Kelly huffed, but still continued to look down at the many shelves. They did another lap around the shop, just in case they missed something before the newsagency slowly emptied, and only they remained in the shop. 

“Come on, we have to go now,” Kelly hissed to her friend. 

Allison brushed her off and strode over to the cashier, who was a pretty brunette woman. Her eyes were a hazel colour that sparkled slightly, and she had amazingly high cheekbones. Her shiny nametag read Rylie. Allison dumped out everything in her full hands, from stationery to cards, magazines, mugs and a list of other novelties. The pretty cashier promptly scanned everything and then gave them back in a large paper bag. Kelly walked up and placed her items down on the counter, however Rylie didn’t seem to be paying attention anymore. She was in a trance, blinking rapidly into the distance after a loud noise caught her attention. Kelly and Allison exchanged a glance, but Rylie had already stopped, as if it never happened. The Back Door 

“Sorry about that. If you wouldn’t mind, I have to go out to the back for a second,” she muttered quickly. 

They both nodded and she turned and hurriedly walked to the back of the store. She fumbled with the keychain around her neck, and struggled to get the keys into the handle. Rylie zoomed behind the door in a flash, before either of the girls could see anything. They stared after her as they waited in silence. 

“What do you think she’s doing?” Allison murmured. 

“I don’t know. She’s taking so long,” Kelly scowled back. 

“Should we go and call her?” Allison suggested feebly. 


Allison huffed and turned the other way, slowly counting the minutes. 

“You know, maybe we should go and get her,” Kelly finally said softly, with red heating her cheeks. 

Allison made no effort to reply, but instead, just walked down to the back. She turned the handle slightly, but didn’t open it. 

“It’s unlocked, right?” Kelly buzzed. 

“I assume so. Do we just go in now?” 

Kelly nodded with her eyes as large as saucers. Allison swallowed, then slowly twisted her hand against the cold plastic until it clicked open, before pulling the door out… The Back Door 

Instantly, a flash of light burst out and they both were thrown back aggressively. Blinded, they both shielded their eyes with a groan. Kelly was the one to open her eyes first, and a gasp escaped her mouth before she could loosen a breath. 

“Allison, are you seeing this?” she breathed 

Allison cried out, but turned over and slowly blinked. Her jaw dropped to the floor immediately. 

Behind the door lay not a back room, but rather another world. Crystal skies with hues of pink and blue lay behind fluffy, angelic clouds. Grassy aqua hills stretched further than the eye could see, a forest of trees that were so lush and vibrant extended to the right, while waterfalls poured pure green water beneath flower fields of every colour on the left. A town was nearby, with small, but perfectly crafted wooden houses, decorated with lanterns, carvings and vines. Shops sold flowers, strange liquids, meats, lush greenery, odd house décor and delicate silk clothes. But the most notable thing were the people. They couldn’t be human; they were too perfect. All like Rylie, with their perfect faces and beautiful silky long hair, smooth skin and gracefulness. All behind the door. 

“Oh. My. God,” Kelly cried. 

“You’re telling me people work here know that this exists!” Allison exclaimed. 

She stood up and immediately ran to the doorway, but shouted as she was thrown back by an invisible barrier. She rubbed her head in pain. Suddenly, smooth voices echoed and Rylie appeared, walking beside an ethereal looking woman with the longest black hair and midnight eyes. The girl suddenly looked up and stopped as she saw Kelly and Allison through the door. Rylie saw them, her eyes widening and without hesitation, ran to them and slammed the door. The light was blocked out, and everything around suddenly seemed dull and dark. Kelly and Allison stood silently, staring up at Rylie. 

“What on earth?” Kelly blurted. 

Her mouth was quickly covered before she could speak. She struggled to rip Rylie’s hands off as she thrashed. Allison ran to open the door again, but the second she touched the handle it glowed red hot and stung her hand. She jumped and went back over to Kelly. 

“Is that real?” Allison screamed. 

“That is a doorway to my world, which is very real. You guys-” she trailed off and went very red. 

“No, this a newsagency.” 

“Yes, but that’s a gateway. You know… just come with me.” 

Rylie walked over to the doorway and flung it open without a breath, the light blinding once more. She stepped forward and ushered the two girls to come. Allison and Kelly exchanged a glance, but slowly stepped together. This time, there was no barrier, and they landed on the soft grass. With a gasp, they looked around. This couldn’t be real, it couldn’t… What a newsagency this was. 


Here is the winner for the open category:

Breaking News Agency
by Chris Van Ingen.

The smell of newsprint and poached eggs on toast
Remind me of my childhood the most.
Those weekend mornings where my Pa would sneak down to the newsagents
To get the paper to see who the hatches, matches, and dispatchers are.

Then as I grew up my Dad and Pa would send me to the newsagency in my wheelchair
For my first taste of independence from my disability.
I would drive straight to the martial arts magazines and dream of one day being on the front cover
So the bullies at school would stop being mean.

I would stare at the news headlines and hope
That I would be on the front page one day as a star
And people would marvel that someone with a disability had come so far.
I would go to my local newsagents and buy four copies for my family because they are just so proud of me.

The local newsagency has meant so much to me and the community
For some it keeps them in touch,
For me it brought me independence, and
Breaking News: Personal Agency.


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Herald Sun appears more interested in chasing a politician who is on 3 months mental health leave than real news

Mark Fletcher on March 12, 2021 7:04 PM

I don’t care what anyone else things. This story in the Herald Sun about Victorian politician Lisa Neville is disgusting. But it’s on brand for the Murdoch press. Gutter stuff. Ms Neville is on mental health leave. The Murdoch family demands privacy for its own matters, especially health matters, and, then, this …


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Buggy Windows update impacting newsagents

Mark Fletcher on March 12, 2021 8:15 AM

A Windows update pushed by Microsoft earlier this week is causing computers run by plenty of newsagent to crash. This is not a newsagency software problem. It is a Microsoft caused problem. If you are experiencing a computer shutting down unexpectedly it is likely to be this problem.

Here is how to back the Microsoft Windows update out of your computer.

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Type RUN.
  3. A menu will appear that will include a RUN app.
  4. Click on RUN.
  5. Type exactly this:   wusa /uninstall /kb:5000802
  6. Press enter.
  7. The windows update will uninstall.
  8. You will then need to re-start the computer.
  9. Do this on every computer that has the Windows update installed.

Once the uninstall is finished you will need to restart the computer.

My advice is do this before calling anyone for support as their advice will be to do what is on the above list first.


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Is Tabcorp ignoring objections from lottery retailers on new outlets?

Mark Fletcher on March 12, 2021 6:38 AM

I have heard from several newsagents over the last few days about situations where they say Tabcorp has ignored their objections to new outlets following my post recently about this topic.

One retailer told me that despite a comprehensive submission heavy with data, there was no inquiry from or discussion with Tabcorp about this, no interest in the detail.

Another newsagent told me they had been told by a Tabcorp representative that they would be contacted for discussion prior to a decision being made. This did not happen.

Another newsagent told me they objected immediately they were advised by Tabcorp only to see signage up for the new outlet, which had apparently not been approved, a week later.

Another newsagent told me they had arranged for mediation regarding their objection to a new outlet only to be advised that the new outlet had opened a day or so prior to the agreed formal mediation date.

There are plenty of other stories like this, demonstrating Tabcorp itself mocking its processes, delivering no transparency and disprtespective existing lottery retailers.

No wonder lottery retailers are stressed.


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XchangeIT increases newsagent fees

Mark Fletcher on March 11, 2021 6:28 AM

XchangeIT sent this fee increase notice to newsagents yesterday:


Dear Newsagents
There will be a slight increase to your XchangeIT fees with effect from 1st April 2021.  This is the annual price increase planned for 1 July 2020 which we postponed due to COVID-19.  It is now necessary to meet our ongoing costs. 

Discounted Membership
As most of you are on this Discounted Membership, where the term begins on or after 1st April 2021, your next renewal invoice will increase from $250 to $255 including GST.

Base Rate Membership
For those of you on this Base Rate Membership, where the term begins on or after 1st April 2021, your next renewal invoice will increase from $535 to $540 including GST.
Benefits of XchangeIT
In FY2021 and FY2022, XchangeIT will continue to work hard to provide the best service for our members to bring operational efficiencies and to work on initiatives to ensure the newsagents industry remains competitive in the future. 

  • We will continue to help stores improve their performance measurement tests, with the aim of having as many stores as possible on the Ovato and IPS No Physical Returns programs, thus saving expensive freight and courier costs.
  • We are working hard on the Tabcorp Terminal Connect Project, with several stores currently piloting this product.  We will be providing more news in our March Newsletter re this product, so watch out for it in your inbox!
  • We are currently organising National Newsagent Week 2021, with the aim of more consumers visiting your store with a positive impact on your revenue.
  • We have increased the number of suppliers using the platform by adding Radicool Australia last month.  We would like to add more suppliers in the coming year, thus saving you time and money by receiving electronic invoices which automatically update your POS.

If you wish to discuss any of the above, please call us on 1300 551 212.

Thank you

The XchangeIT Team


I deal with a lot of retailers in 10+ retail channels and newsagents are the only ones I am aware of being charged for these services.

Given that XchangeIT is supplier owned and given that it is effectively a mandatory tool of being a newsagent with magazines, I’d like the company levying the fees to make its financial statements available to newsagents for scrutiny.


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The importance of the free shipping trigger point on your retail business website

Mark Fletcher on March 10, 2021 6:41 AM

Looking at 27 sales transacted Monday just gone, 18 Sunday and 23 Saturday and comparing basket value, more than 20% were above $100.00 but less than $120.00. I’d note that 5% were above $120.00. What is interesting to me s the amount over $100 they were. The average is $1.50 with plenty at $1.00 or less above and only a couple above $10.00.

What’s my point?

I’m glad you asked … The proximity to $100.00 is interesting to me as $100.00 is the free shipping trigger on the website. The close proximity to $100 for so many $100+ baskets indicates the considerable interest in attaining free shipping.

I see these purchases within, say, $5.00 of $100 as being by people shopping to get free shipping whereas I see the purchases at $130.00 and more as being more about what they want than the free shipping trigger.

This is on my mind today because the trigger point for free shipping is something newsagents in particular have challenges with as they move their businesses online.

In my case, I set it based on guiding shoppers to spend more than the average. This has to be a core principle of any loyalty program and, free shipping, after all, is a form of a loyalty program.

To newsagents struggling to determine their free shipping trigger point, I’d note – you can change it easily so … start somewhere, gather data and adjust once you know more.


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Promote Easter cards on social media

Mark Fletcher on March 9, 2021 8:58 AM

I encourage newsagents to actively promote Easter cards on social media. With sales early this year, and strong, social media can play a role in encouraging purchases in this small but important card season for our businesses.

These are two of ten new social media content images provided to newsXpress members last week.


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