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How many times can a magazine be reissued?

Mark Fletcher
July 11th, 2014 · 1 Comment

pdfphDid you get Photoshop for Photographers yesterday? We did – for the third time. And the stock we received looks like it has been around the country several times. It was dirtynot of merchantable quality. That’s why we early returned it. It looked like trash.

Shame on Network Services for letting this recycled old stock through.

Regardless of the poor quality of the stock we received I’d have early returned it anyway as we have had the title twice already. It’s an abuse of an unfair magazine distribution model that it’s send around for a third go.

Any publisher using Network and experiencing frustrating early returns should look at what happened here to understand why newsagents strike back at Network distributed titles.


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  • 1 June // Jul 11, 2014 at 1:35 PM

    Another thing about Retailer that I love.
    The system tells me if something is a reissue and I can remove it b4 it goes on the shelf and I can also see how many of each mag has been sold so that I can remove the “excess” b4 it hits the shelves.
    It is one of my favourite things in the whole POS retailer system and I use it daily. Reissues go straight into returns unless it is a (justified) SBR.
    Off topic has anyone had problems getting
    Orange AFL trading cards from GG?
    I ordered more a fortnight ago and still nothing.



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