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Digital player market to explode

Podcastingnews.com is quotes in-stat and claims: The market for both hard disk drive and Flash-based portable audio players is expected to reach more than 104 million units by 2009, up from 27.8 million units in 2004.

I reckon we’re going to find that number low in hindsight given that phones and all manner of devices will provide these capabilities. The demand for this technology will explode. And decisions such as that by Apple – even though they are being corporate and limited in the podcast access they facilitate – will push the explosion.

Mobility is the game of this generation and businesses understand that and are responding. Plus businesses can see the economics working. They can make money so it will happen.

I’m in a business challenged by this since the money I can make from content delivered digitally on mobile devices is fractional compared to my current model. I’m not alone. There are at least 4,600 small independently owned businesses like mine in Australia. We rely on the old world traffic and would kill to get in on the mobile world traffic.


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