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Greeting Cards

Displaying cards when space is tight

Rent here in Hong Kong is high. Retailers need to make the most of the little space they have. hence these compact displays for cards, holding more stock per pocket than we see in Australia. Here is how cards look:


Here is a close up of a couple of pockets.


It has been fascinating looking at card retail here and learning from some innovative retailers – not so much the retailer where I took these photos though.


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    Not sure if that would work in Australia.
    If it’s not right in front of the customer, they don’t see it and therefore won’t buy it.
    I strongly doubt if they’ll look further into the pile for a different design.
    Its hard enough getting someone to ask if they can’t find something. They just walk past the counter and say something like “you don’t have it, i’ll go somewhere else”.

    I’ve stopped many people and asked them what they are after, and managed to take them and put the item in their hand…


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