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Here’s a reason to get behind the royal wedding

Australians are searching Harry and Meghan in good numbers. Here is the number of times each is currently being searched each month through Google in Australia:

  1. Prince Harry: 74,000.
  2. Meghan Markle: 135,000.

This is rom verified search data.

You can position your newsagency business to leverage this with tactical inshore placement of magazines featuring them, running related in-store marketing and engaging on social media around the impending wedding.

If you are in a marketing group you should already know this and have been receiving information for months. That is what we have been doing with newsXpress.

The Pacific Magazines Nexus program is promoting in-store engagement with some excellent opportunities, which I encourage Nexus members to engage with.

If the royal wedding is not part of your marketing plan I urge you to make it so. The commercial value is set to be c considerable.


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  1. Peter

    Hears some hope from Google search on Queen Camilla who should marry Charlie 3.0. Charlie 1.0 lost his head.
    Seach ” Queen Camilla”

    “About 14,500,000 results (0.68 seconds)”


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Actually, Jason, I say currently being searched each month. These are the results for the last three months. Currently is the key word.

    If you think what I have written is wrong, ignore it.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    No ‘jason’ I did not say that. It is the current number, the month before was a bit more and the month before a bit less – but each difference within reasonable errors.

    I don’t care if you engage with this or not. The data is the data. Do with it what you will. I could have not shared it here.


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