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newsXpress swag bag offers a trade show experience

newsXpress sent its members a swag bag of product samples to try and explore a couple of weeks ago. Each swag bag (a box actually) was worth around $200.00 and contained items (mainly but not all) bought by newsXpress from newsXpress preferred suppliers for members to see, touch, feel and try.

Included was literature about products, too – pricing as well as vital contextual information that helps retailers understand the role each product can play.

The swag bag is a unique tactile opportunity that I came up with to fill a void felt by retailers who were missing the trade show experiences.

Here is a photo of some of the items in each swag bag sent to newsXpress members.

There was more than you can see in this photo.

All of the items are from newsXpress preferred suppliers with preferential access, pricing and terms for newsXpress members.

I am grateful to suppliers for their engagement and to newsXpress members for their engagement with the sample products since receiving them.

I doubt trade shows will ever bounce back to where they were, in part because suppliers have benefited from not having that operating cost and in part because plenty of retailers have grown without the cost of trade shows, even though many do miss the ‘holiday’. It’s important we continue to seek out ways to replace the trade show experience, to help retailers keep evolving their businesses.

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