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Herald Sun slammed on review platform

The Herald Sun is having a rough time at www.productreview.com.au. Here are some reviews from the last couple of months, which I share as some speak to comments made by others here about newspaper deliveries:

Herald Sun has become a Lazy Journalist paper and full of advertising, which I know results in $$$ made. However, a lot is going on in the world. Doom, gloom and misfortune seems to be your story line. $2.50 for that?
Don’t think so…

I signed up for digital and hard copy of the Herald Sun for Fathers Day September 3rd 2021. Still haven’t received a paper, six months!!! Ring them every few weeks achieves nothing. Last time it was suggested to cancel and start again so we did. Now they tell me I have only missed 2 weeks! What do you do?

I spent 30 mins on hold just to cancel in this day and age a simple cancel now button would do without talking to someone who just tries to play marketing with you

Frustratingly poor poor service, very very disappointed.
From the 14th of February 2022, the Heraldsun changed delivery agents after which I have received only three newspapers in nine days for a seven day delivery customer..

The above is fact.

I have telephoned their number six times and spoken to helpful people who are sympathetic to our complaint but can only escalate the issue.

It seems that management does not care or bother to get involved personally.

For a customer who has paid in advance, not receiving the product that has been paid for is very annoying and frustrating.

You should be embarrassed
I have had my papers home delivered for over 5 years from my local news agent without a single problem.
Since the Herald sun took over the deliveries in December 2021, I have had nothing but problems.
Incorrect invoices, no deliveries , late deliveries and incorrect deliveries . There has not been one part of your service that you managed to get correct in the past 3 months.
After 3 emails and numerous phone calls, it is still not working .
I am now attempting to cancel my subscription but you have obviously set up your web site to make this as complex as possible.

Very easy to subscribe, very hard to cancel
Frustrating that in a digital age you have to call to cancel your subscription however it is super easy for you to subscribe online. I was on hold for over 20 minutes to try and cancel. Not a good service.

Home delivery of newscorp papers
After many years of being a loyal hone delivery customer they’ve change delivery service and haven’t been able to deliver the paper to us. After complaining to newscorp the driver put a rude obusive note in the letterbox. We’ve been promised a free paper for the month, then they charged our credit card. Absolutely hopeless and not worth the hassle dealing with them.

And this is from customers. The frustration experienced by newsagents who are approached by former home delivery customers about missed papers and other issues they are unable to fix in the new distribution model pursued by News Corp. What a mess! Customers are frustrated. Newsagents have their time wasted.

Newspaper distribution

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  1. James Brennan

    I have not received a single Herald Sun all of 2022 on any Saturday or Sunday, my weekend delivery. Really since some time in December. Now I know why. I thought it was being stolen, but it seems they are not even delivering the paper at all.

    They make it impossible to cancel. I’ve tried in the past. I guess I’m just resigned to paying $30 a month for nothing. Would not surprise me if it’s a racket. Probably a lot of others paying for nothing too.


  2. Lisa Larkin

    Worst delivery of all time. Had no problems when it was a local delivery but since February we’ve had many missed and late deliveries.
    Saturday I saw the delivery car throwing the paper into our driveway at 3.30 pm. Who needs a delivery at that time. ? Clearly they want to phase it out and get it all online. I’ll have to cancel after 30 years of paper delivery service. Calling them takes at least 20 minutes to get through and makes no difference.


  3. Mrs Saunders

    Having not received our Herald Sun delivery since Easter searched on line for phone number establish reason, subsequently have noticed these posts and others on Product Review. Was able to speak to HS customer service in Adelaide to advised missed deliveries and informed HS would make contact with contractor for me to receive my deliveries, but as of 2.5.22 my Herald Sun is still not being delivered. Today 2.5.22 will contact HS again to advise them status of deliveries. And if not resolved within next 7 days we will cancel our order of HS deliveries. Most frustrating as Herald Sun publish how they are the most widely read newspaper, considering cannot even get delivery of same.


  4. June Alexander

    I too have had the same issues with delivery of the Herald Sun. I am paying direct debit for 7 day delivery but since the weekend of March 19/20 I have not received the weekend papers. I am forced to buy them from the local newspaper shop. Every week I go through the same routine of phoning and waiting to speak to someone who recites the same party line of assuring me it will be reported and will get delivery next weekend. Apparently they have changed delivery distributor’s ??????? really? My complaint will be reported, customer service will ring me and my subscription will be extended for the days I have missed delivery. It is a joke, a con. Customers are paying for a service that does not exist.
    I have not tried as yet to cancel because what I am paying is $6 dollars cheaper a month for the 5 weekday papers I do get, even though I have to pay for the weekend ones. I will not be renewing again.


  5. Bill Dalton

    Ditto to the above reviews of the Herald Sun’s paper delivery.
    Appalling service and not an email, letter or phone call helps.
    Continual contact with the Herald Sun reflects their non committal to customer service.
    At what stage do they respond to our concerns?


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